Bob Lee

I’m the new ‘kid’ on the block, I suppose.  I went on dialysis a little over a year ago (2014), after suffering congestive heart failure.  Dialysis has not only changed my life but also changed my outlook on life.  While I live in Portland, Oregon – one of the most ‘social activist’ cities in America, I was not one to march, protest or advocate for anything.  I thought my voice would neither be heard nor mattered.  I admit I was wrong.
I attended DPC’s 2015 World Kidney Day Fly-In and my perspective changed.  My voice could be heard.  When added to other voices, it only grew stronger and louder.  I was inspired to become a Patient Ambassador and advocate.  I have not looked back ever since.  Working with DPC to advocate for kidney and dialysis patients has shown me I can affect change. Together, we can make an impact. From meeting with legislators to testifying at hearings to sharing my 'story,' I can contribute to the cause.
Education and outreach are two areas where I hope to make a difference.  I found that being on dialysis can be overwhelming for new patients, and even misunderstood, in many ‘under-served’ communities.  I want that to change. I am so very honored and humbled to have been elected to the Board and am equally excited to be a part of such a dynamic and meaningful organization like Dialysis Patient Citizens.

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