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By Hrant Jamgochian, CEO 
January 9, 2017

Across the country, thousands of patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) face the agonizing choice of paying for necessities such as rent and food, or paying the insurance premiums that enable them to get dialysis and other critical care. Fortunately, ESRD patients have options. Thanks to federal law, they can enroll in Medicare at any age. Or, if they would rather keep a private insurance plan, they can apply for financial help from charities such as the American Kidney Fund.

By Jack Reynolds, DPC Board Member and Patient Ambassador
February 2, 2015

As it is Ground Hog Day, I thought I would come out of my winter hole and blog once more.

By Devon Osborne, DPC Board Member and Patient Ambassador
February 2, 2015

Back a couple years ago, I had to sue my employer through the EEOC  (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) for violating my rights under the Americans with Disabilities ACT.   Below is some of my experience doing that.

In light of the recent posts and comments here and elsewhere, I figured it was time to post about the process I went through with the EEOC and getting my case filed and accepted.

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