Andrew Conkling

Vice President

I was born with only one functioning kidney, as well as a host of other issues. When I was born, doctors told my parents there was no way I would live more than a day. When I made it two days, they were told that I would not live more than a week – wrong again! Then they were told that yes, I may live but I would need to be placed in a state facility. Fortunately my parents did not agree to this either. For many years, I had been told that I would need to start dialysis. Thankfully, through careful attention from much more qualified doctors and the grace of God, I made it until I was 25-years-old before I had to start dialysis. That was 10 years ago. During my time on dialysis, I went back to college and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science from Athens State University in Athens, Alabama. I am not eligible for a transplant so I am very interested in new technology including the possibility of a wearable kidney, or even stem cell research.

I am honored to have been elected to the DPC Board of Directors. I also have the honor of serving as the patient representative at my local clinic. Being involved is the only way to see the changes we need as patients to live fulfilled lives. Together I believe we can achieve great things for the needs of ESRD patients and their families.

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