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Access to insurance coverage, both primary and secondary, is critical for all ESRD patients. Some patients, are unable to afford the high premiums associated with either type of coverage. Organizations such as the American Kidney Fund provide financial assistance in these cases to ensure patients are able to secure the coverage they need. Insurers have tried to refuse such assistance in order to remove the sickest patients, like ESRD patients, off their plans. DPC continues to fight for maintaining patient choice in coverage as well as against discriminatory policies by insurers to prevent patient assistance.


Our Work:

September 17, 2019: DPC Comments on CMS Proposed ESRD Annual Payment Rule to Improve Dialysis Patient Quality of Life
July 28, 2017: Update on Pennsylvania Lawsuit vs. IBC
January 26, 2017: Dialysis Patient Advocates Applaud Ruling in Case Against CMS
January 9, 2017: DPC Comment Letter on IFR (CMS-3337-IFC)
January 6, 2017: Complaint Filed in U.S. District Court- DPC vs. Burwell
January 6, 2017: DPC Affadavit
January 6, 2017: Dialysis Patient Advocates Seek Restraining Order Against CMS
December 13, 2016: Dialysis Patients Outraged by CMS Move Giving Insurers Illegal Veto Power Over Access to Private Coverage
September 22, 2016: DPC Emphasizes Importance of Charity Assistance to Kidney Patients in Comments to CMS
September 22, 2016: Patient Group Comments to CMS re: Request for Information on Insurance Steering
September 22, 2016: Comments to CMS re: Request for Information on Insurance Steering
August 19, 2016: DPC Responds to CMS' Request for Information
July 19, 2016: DPC Complaint to OFM re: Washington State Insurance Plans
June 28, 2016: DPC Complaint to Department of Labor re: Insurance Plan Discrimination
May 19, 2016: DPC Complaint to the Office of Civil Rights re: Third Party Payment Assistance in Idaho



Court Prohibits CMS from Implementing Rule on 3rd Party Payments by Rebecca Zumoff (Nephrology News and Issues, 01/26/2017)
Judge Blocks CMS Rule on Premium Assistance for Kidney Patients by Mary Caffrey (American Journal of Managed Care, 01/26/2017)
Dialysis Providers Won't Have to Disclose Financial Aid to Patients by Dan Mangan (CNBC, 01/26/2017)
Protecting Dialysis Patients' Health Coverage by Hrant Jamgochian (Blog Post, 1/09/2017)
Power to the Insurers by Hrant Jamgochian (Morning Consult, 12/19/2016)
CMS Slams Dialysis Providers For Pushing Patients into ACA Plans, Says Practice is Widespread by Rebecca Zumoff (Nephrology News and Issues, 12/13/2016)
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Insurance Justice for Kidney Failure Patients by Dr. Julianne Malveaux (Huffington Post, 10/04/2016)
A Poor Fix For Obamacare by Ronnie Shows (U.S. News, 09/29/2016)
Saving the Affordable Care Act Doesn't Have to Cost the Sickest Their Coverage by Hrant Jamgochian (Morning Consult, 9/26/2016)
Charitable Assistance: the new 'pre-existing condition' by LaVarne Burton (The Hill, 9/01/2016)


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Protect Dialysis Patients’ Choice for Health Care

Importance of Private Health Insurance Coverage






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