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Malnutrition is common in people on dialysis and has been associated with increased rates of cardiac disease, hospitalizations and mortality. This occurs at least partially because dialysis is a catabolic process that results in amino acids being lost in the process, which in turn lowers protein levels. Studies have shown that increasing access to nutritional supplements for people on dialysis can dramatically reduce comordbidies. 

DPC educates lawmakers across the country that providing coverage for nutritional supplements saves our health system money and improves the quality of life of patients.

Our Work:

January 10, 2014, Comment Letter: DPC Thanks California for Reinstating Nutritional Supplement Coverage

July 10, 2012: DPC Advocates for Oral Nutritional Supplement Coverage in New York

July 10, 2012: DPC Encourages New York State Office of Health Insurance Plans to Reinstate Coverage of Oral Nutritional Supplements

January 20, 2012: DPC Urges California to Cover Nutritional Supplements

November 2, 2011: DPC Opposes Proposed Rule to Limit Medicaid Coverage of Nutritional Supplements

October 11, 2011 DPC Comments on Restrictions to New York Medicaid Coverage of Enteral Nutritional Supplements

September 23, 2011: Medi-Cal Coverage of Dialysis Patients for Enteral Nutritional Supplements

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Dialysis Patient Access to Nutritional Supplement Coverage Limited

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