Policy Issues

DPC works on a wide variety of key issues that impact the lives of people with kidney disease. In all cases, DPC strives to ensure patients have access to the highest quality care. Below are the top priorities we focus on for achieving our vision to ensure optimal dialysis care through continual improvement of public policy. Each priority explores the key issues faced by people with kidney disease each day that are most important to our patient members.

Policy Issues

A black woman is at a routine medical appointment. The patient is sitting on a medical examination table in a clinic. She is filling out health history and medical insurance paperwork on a clipboard. The woman is waiting for her doctor.

Improve Access to Care

DPC advocates for improving the quality of life for dialysis patients. We want our patients to have access to the best healthcare options available, including improving access to additional services such as care coordination, transportation and dental care.

Photo of a young couple calculating home finances

Promote Financial Security

With many dialysis patients unable to continue working, financial hardships are common. DPC advocates improved access to Medigap and protection of charitable premium assistance from assaults by insurers.

Increase Quality of Care

DPC supports an adequately funded dialysis infrastructure that offers stable and convenient sources of care that rewards performance and incentivizes quality outcomes. We favor policies that encourage research and innovations to provide patients with hope and new treatment options.

Advance Patient Choice

DPC promotes preserving and expanding patients’ autonomy where alternative options are or should be available, including choice of treatment modalities, choice of providers, choice of health plans, and access to transplantation; as well as protections for donor and recipient patients.