Join DPC

DPC is a nationwide non-profit organization of more than 28,000 dialysis and pre-dialysis patients and family members joined together to help improve kidney patients’ quality of life.  We provide information about dialysis, help strengthen the partnership between patients and caregivers, tell lawmakers about the issues that matter to patients and provide a strong community for our members.

We offer special programs for friends of dialysis patients and for care providers. All membership types are free. To learn more about each membership type, see which membership you should apply for below.

General Membership

Pre-dialysis patients, dialysis patients, transplant patients and family members should apply for our General Membership.

Male Doctor Standing Outside With Stethoscope Around Neck

Partners in Care

Any renal professional that assists in providing care to dialysis patients should apply for the Partners in Care Program.

Friends of DPC

This membership type is for individuals who would like to be involved in DPC, but are not currently affected by kidney disease or employed as renal professionals.