Hold an Event

Holding an event is an excellent way to reach to out to your community about the very important issues surrounding kidney disease. Whether you want to set up an information table in your community, talk to a group of people on dialysis, or hold a health fair, we are here to help you succeed. Talk to a small group about public policy issues that affect the dialysis community. Inform people of what it’s like to be on dialysis. When it comes to community outreach, there is no such thing as too much or too little.

What Kind of Event Do You Want to Hold?

You might want to hold a talk on an issue that is important to you, or you might want to set up a table in the lobby of a dialysis facility. The shape your event takes will be determined by what you feel comfortable doing.

Determine Your Message and Your Audience

Think about who you want to reach and why. Is your event going to educate your people on dialysis about policy issues that affect them? Are you going to educate your community about kidney disease in general? You are welcome to hold an event on whatever you would like.

Pick a Partner

Hosting a presentation can be much easier if you have the support of another person. Connect with a DPC member or Patient Ambassador in your area. These potential partners will already have an interest in kidney awareness, so the relationship you establish with them will benefit everyone. If you do not know any other advocates in your area, click here to send us an email.

Determine Your Event Date and Location

This really depends on what you are planning on doing. If you want to talk to people on dialysis about public policy issues, you should try and hold your event at a dialysis clinic. Other ideas for locations include hospitals, churches, health centers, senior centers, clinics, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs and various other organizations in the community.

Market Your Event

If you are presenting during your event, think of everyone in your personal and professional network that might benefit from your event and invite them. We can send you invitation materials. If you want to make your own materials, be sure to ask us before you use our logo. Do you have connections with local newspapers, TV or radio? Ask to have your event featured. When marketing your event, it is always a good idea to share your personal story.

If you are setting up a table at your dialysis center or your church, make sure to put up a flyer beforehand so people know to stop by.

Plan Your Presentation

If you have a personal story about dialysis, whether you are a dialysis patient, family member or caregiver, or if you just feel that raising awareness about why dialysis is important, share your story. If you are looking for information to share during the event, visit the DPC Education Center to look for useful materials. You should also have something to offer your audience, like free pens or brochures. Click here to place an order for materials. Our materials are free of charge unless otherwise noted.

Share the Results

Click here to give us feedback on how your event went.

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