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Use the form below to report your latest advocacy activities to DPC as a Patient Ambassador.

If you have completed multiple activities recently, please report each activity separately.

DPC is already notified when you 1) email your local lawmaker through DPC’s Legislative Action Center, 2) participate in DPC’s Annual Member Survey, 3) submit a blog to DPC and 4) apply for DPC’s Advocacy Day. As a result, there is no need to report those activities again below.

    Advocacy activity performed*
    Phone Call to Lawmaker: I called the office of my local lawmaker and spoke about legislative policy issues impacting dialysis patients.Letter to Lawmaker: I mailed a letter to my local lawmaker about legislative policy issues impacting dialysis patients.Site Visit: I requested a dialysis clinic site visit with my Members of Congress, their staff, or other state representatives.Letter to the Editor: I wrote and submitted a letter to the editor to my local newspaper about a kidney disease issue and/or the importance of advocating for better dialysis patient care.Community Outreach: I led a community outreach event about a kidney disease issue.Education Call Flier: I posted a flier of an upcoming DPC education call in my community/at my dialysis facility (after asking permission).Education Call: I attended a DPC educational webinar.Ambassador Call: I participated in a DPC Patient Ambassador call.Social Media: I shared my story about living with chronic kidney disease by reaching out publicly to my Members of Congress on social media.Community Event: I spoke with my Members of Congress at a community event.Town Hall: I participated in a town hall meeting.Advocate Recruitment: I recruited a new kidney care advocate by speaking to a patient or healthcare professional about the importance of joining DPC. This person later submitted a DPC application.Other: (please describe in additional details box below)

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