Partners in Care

What is the Partners in Care Program?

DPC Partners in Care is a program uniting dedicated kidney care professionals—including doctors, nurses, social workers, dietitians, dialysis facility/clinic managers and others—who share DPC’s mission of promoting quality kidney care for all patients. We provide kidney care professionals with a variety of valuable kidney care tools, resources and information.

DPC Partners in Care strives to:

  • Improve and increase communication between caregivers and patients
  • Create a nationwide community of caregiver advocates
  • Support patients in their advocacy efforts by uniting patients and care providers in grassroots activities
  • Deliver updates of key public policy issues and matters of importance to kidney care
  • Provide Partners in Care with a greater understanding of the patient community’s perspective on these issues
  • Enhance patients education by joining Partners in Care with Patient Ambassadors to help encourage patients to become more involved in their care
  • Give patients increased avenues for reaching out to lawmakers and others with their thoughts, ideas and concerns

Benefits of Membership

  • Free DPC monthly e-newsletter and quarterly print newsletter—covering federal and highlighted state legislation, member profiles, and important news developments
  • Invitations to informative educational invitations
  • For members going over and above, recognition in DPC e-newsletters and print newsletters for being a leader in strengthening the patient-clinician relationship