Donnie Anderson, Sr.

I was diagnosed with kidney failure over 20 years ago. I have been through all of the ups and downs and now share my knowledge with new and old patients that are ready to listen and learn.

There were multiple motivations that drew me to becoming a DPC Board Member. To be the voice for the patients on dialysis, waiting for kidney transplants, and patients with ESRD (end-stage renal disease).  To advocate to the government, both Federal and State, for patients that are under-insured. To educate all that will listen and share the knowledge that has been shared with me over the years about dialysis and kidney transplants.

In addition to my work with DPC, I have been active in my community working with a renal support group that assists individuals with kidney issues with finances, nutrition, transportation and more. I have also worked with physically and mentally challenged individuals and helped them gain independence, life skills and better transition into the community.

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