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DCP's Patient Ambassadors are members who go the extra mile in making a difference in the lives of dialysis patients. By building relationships with caregivers and policymakers, promoting DPC to others and educating patients about the issues that can impact their care.
As a patient led organization, our entire board of directors is composed of patients. Board members stay informed and up-to-date on the organization's services and programs as well as developments in the community and government which may affect the organization.
Membership program for predialysis patients, dialysis patients, transplant patients and family members should apply for our general members.
As a friend of dialysis patients, you can remain up-to-date on the issues dialysis patients face so that you can take action on these issues on behalf of those patients you are close to. You will also remain current on all of our educational activities.
DPC Partners in Care is a program uniting dedicated kidney professionals - including doctors, nurses, social workers, dieticians, dialysis facility/clinic managers and others - who share DPC's mission of promoting quality kidney care for all patients.
Stay up-to-date with DPC events: educational calls, Patient Ambassador calls, and more!

Dialysis Patient Citizens
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