Have Workforce Shortages Impacted Your Care? Tell Us How You’ve Been Affected

We have heard of dialysis patients experiencing disruptions to their care due to workforce shortages. Has your care been affected? Please let us know how and where, so we can inform Medicare officials.

1) Is turnover of staff bringing in folks who are less familiar with the patients’ needs, or are less skilled? 2) Have you seen staffing shortages in your facility? Eg. not enough technicians, nurses brought in to cover due to the lack of technicians, etc. 3) Has your facility eliminated shifts, either Tu, Th, and Saturday, or no more third of fourth shifts? 4) Have they eliminated nocturnal dialysis or other home dialysis programs? 5) Have you seen any staffing issues whereby more patients are being served by fewer staff? 6) Have you ever been asked to move your treatment time or reschedule it?