Filing a Complaint

Since we are focused solely on political advocacy at DPC and on education at the DPC Education Center, we do not handle complaints or casework at the individual level. However, we are still committed to ensuring patients have their voices heard.

Dialysis Facilities

If you have a concern about the quality of care you receive or you are unsatisfied with your care at your dialysis facility:

  1. Ask your facility to provide you with a complaint form or call your facility’s quality assurance hotline if they have one.
  2. If you still feel like your concerns aren’t being addressed, arrange for a meeting with your social worker and/or facility administrator.
  3. If you do not feel comfortable meeting with your facility’s staff or you still don’t feel satisfied with their response, contact your local ESRD Network. The contact information for your network can be found on our State Resources page.

Insurance Assistance

If you have questions about insurance coverage, or Medicare or Medicaid eligibility or benefits, contact your state’s State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP).

Hospitals and Doctors

If you have a concern about the quality of care you receive from your doctor or hospital, please contact your state’s Quality Improvement Organization (QIO). You can find their contact information on our State Resources page.