I have chronic kidney disease. Thankfully, my kidneys are still functioning, but they are at risk of failure any time.

I became a dialysis patient advocate because I may eventually have to withstand the difficulties that come with dialysis in America. I am fighting for my future and for the future of all dialysis patients in America.

I am concerned with a recent Supreme Court decision that allows private insurers to essentially push new dialysis patients off of their private insurance and onto Medicare soon after beginning treatment. This puts the health and well-being of those already fighting a monumental battle at greater risk.

I urge Congress to introduce legislation that allows dialysis patients to keep their private insurance plans for up to 30 months, as has long been the standard. This would give patients the ability to choose what works best for them in the early days of treatment.

Together, we can ensure that those battling chronic kidney disease receive dignity, respect, and the assurance that they will not be abandoned in their hour of need.

Thank you,

Janet Tennyson, Beaumont, California