WASHINGTON, D.C., — Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) today introduced Dialysis Plan Choice, a new online tool designed in collaboration with Consumers’ Checkbook for dialysis patients to quickly and easily compare their current Medicare Fee-For-Service plan with the options available to them through Medicare Advantage now that Open Enrollment is underway.

“For many dialysis patients, this year marks the first time they will be eligible to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans thanks to the passage of the 21st Century Cures Act in 2016,” said DPC Board President Andrew Conkling. “Since this is new territory for many dialysis patients, we wanted to provide them with a way to more easily understand what plans are available to them, which costs are associated with those plans and most importantly, which plans will include their care providers. This way, all patients can make an informed decision about what plans are best for themselves and their families.”

Dialysis Plan Choice, available at www.DialysisPlanChoice.org, provides patients with a convenient side-by-side comparison of their current Medicare Fee-For-Service plan and available Medicare Advantage plans, including a cost comparison tool as well as information on whether their current nephrologist and dialysis clinic are included in a Medicare Advantage network. Using Dialysis Plan Choice, patients will also be able to see whether their medications are on Medicare Advantage plan formularies and access information on new additional benefits that are not available through traditional Medicare plans, such as dental services. All of this information is displayed in a simple, mobile-friendly manner that helps patients to easily compare plans using their preferred devices.

Open Enrollment for Plan Year 2021 is available from October 15 until December 7. For more information, please visit www.DialysisPlanChoice.org and learn more about the issues affecting dialysis patients at www.dialysispatients.org.


Dialysis Patient Citizens is a patient-led, national, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all dialysis patients by advocating for favorable public policy.  Learn more at DialysisPatients.org.

Consumers’ Checkbook is a national nonprofit with a mission to help consumers make educated choices of services. For 40 years, Checkbook has produced award-winning plan comparison tools for federal employees, consumers shopping on the health insurance exchanges and many others. Learn more at Checkbook.org.