DPC Submits Feedback to CMS on Proposed Additions to Dialysis Facility Compare Tool

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced plans to add more measures to their Dialysis Facility Compare (DFC). The DFC is an online tool that allows users to search and compare dialysis facilities within a certain area based on ratings and certain measures. The added measures would examine fluid management, the rate of blood stream infections in in-center hemodialysis patients and pediatric peritoneal dialysis adequacy. Data collected through the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems In-Center Hemodialysis (CAHPS ICH) surveys would also be added to the DFC. DPC submitted comments to CMS supporting the addition of these measures but offered suggestions on how to improve the measure using CAHPS survey data.

The CAHPS ICH data comes from patient feedback, but DPC is concerned that the resulting measures are too few and do not sufficiently drill down into specific aspects of care that patients think are important. Suggestions include having the CAHPS administrators develop an improved set of survey topics and having a panel of patients provide feedback and insight.

CMS also announced in a recent call with stakeholders that it hopes to develop “patient-reported outcome measures” for dialysis. Examples of patient-reported outcomes include whether a patient experienced cramping or a washed-out feeling after a dialysis treatment.

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