Happy Thanksgiving from DPC Board, Staff, and Volunteers!

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DPC would like to wish our many patient advocates, family, friends, and healthcare partners a happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful for all of these hard-working individuals and for their dedication to the kidney community as well as their effort to help elevate the patient voice. This year, our patient advocates helped to defeat Proposition 29 in California; they continued to build momentum for Medigap expansion; and they are  fighting hard to protect patient choice and access to private health insurance coverage. Here are just a few of their stories: including videos that have reached more than 10 million individuals along [...]

A Huge Thank You to Our Tireless Patient Advocates

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DPC would like to take a moment to thank our tireless group of Members and Patient Ambassadors for continuing to share their personal stories on the importance of supporting H.R. 8594/S. 4750 – The Restore Protections for Dialysis Patients Act. From drafting Letters to the Editor to recording video interviews, their words really highlight the need to allow kidney patients to decide which health insurance will best serve them and preserve patient choice. Allowing ESRD patients to stay on their private insurance plan for up to 30 months could help them cover the high costs of care, have access to transplant, [...]

Open Enrollment Period – a good time to review your health insurance coverage

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Medicare Open Enrollment began October 15 — and will remain open through December 7, 2022. Medicare’s Open Enrollment period gives people with Medicare the opportunity to make changes to their health plan or prescription drug plan, pick a Medicare Advantage plan, or return to Original Medicare (also referred to as Medicare Part A and Part B). Medicare plans can change their offerings and costs every year, and individuals’ health needs can change from year-to-year, too. Now is the time for people with Medicare to review their coverage options and make a choice that best meets their health care needs. The open [...]

DPC Engaging State Policy Makers During Summer Months

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While most state legislatures are adjourned during the summer months, DPC’s state advocacy program, under the leadership of Eastern Advocacy Director Elizabeth Lively, is focused on keeping the dialog moving with state legislative policy makers. The critically important issue of affordable access to Medigap coverage for under age 65 individuals with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) remains under discussion in a number of states during the summer months. Kentucky DPC is meeting with our legislative champions, the health plans and our coalition partners to prepare for the 2023 re-introduction of comprehensive Medigap legislation that was debated in 2022 (HB 430). This [...]

DPC Continues Outreach to Protect Patients’ Rights

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DPC Members and Patient Ambassadors continue advocacy on H.R. 8594/S. 4750 - The Restore Protections for Dialysis Patients Act, which would codify into law the right for dialysis patients to stay on their private insurance for up to 30 months, if they should so choose. This bill not only preserves patient choice but also encourages insurers to detect and treat kidney disease early and, most importantly, protects kidney disease patients from discrimination. This legislation reinstates the importance of allowing kidney patients to decide which health insurance will best serve them. For more information, to watch patient testimonials, or to take action, [...]

DPC Responds to Medicare’s Move Toward Medically Necessary Dental Care

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DPC submitted a comment letter applauding the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for its announcement that it will cover dental work for kidney transplant candidates when oral health issues are a barrier to transplant surgery. “This proposal is an important recognition and clarification of CMS’s existing authority, which will help to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries can access and afford more of the dental care they need to advance their health,” DPC said. CMS also asked whether there are “types of surgery, or clinical scenarios involving acute or chronic conditions that would have an improved patient outcome if certain dental [...]

Action Alert – Protect ESRD Patient Access to Private Coverage

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Ask your representative to co-sponsor H.R. 8594/S. 4750, legislation that would protect ESRD patients by allowing them to maintain private, employer health coverage up to 30 months after diagnosis with kidney failure. A recent Supreme Court ruling now threatens their access to private coverage by permitting health plans to carve off dialysis benefits from their networks and impose restrictive terms on kidney patients.  The continuation of high-quality care and benefits during this 30-month coordination period helps kidney patient’s successfully transition into life on dialysis and/or kidney transplantation. Leave your legacy through advocacy and urge your representative to co-sponsor this life-saving legislation and restore the protections [...]

DPC Submits Comments on Medicare’s 2022 ESRD Payment Rule

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DPC’s comment letter on Medicare’s 2022 ESRD Payment Rule highlighted the impact that labor shortages may have on dialysis patients. “Currently, there are nearly two job openings for every available unemployed worker. Vulnerable patients need a labor market in which there is a one-to-one ratio of health care workers for vacancies in essential jobs. Over the long term, the government may need to act to foster interest among young people in healthcare careers and facilitate their preparation for such roles. But in the immediate term, it is necessary to ensure that wages for jobs like dialysis technicians are competitive.” DPC is [...]

Rhode Island Medigap Legislation Signed by Governor McKee

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On June 30,2022, Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee signed into law H. 7244 and S. 2194, which provide guaranteed issue access to Medicare Supplement Insurance coverage – known as Medigap – for under age 65 residents with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and qualified disabled. The legislation becomes effective July 1, 2023. The new law also provides premium protections through the premium rate review process of the Office of the State Health Insurance Commissioner. While DPC is disappointed that this legislation limits access only to Medicare Supplement Plan A, we recognize this is a major step by Rhode Island that qualified [...]

Medicare Dental Coverage for Transplant Candidates May be on the Way

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is proposing expanded coverage of “medically necessary” dental treatment, including treatments necessary to qualify for an organ transplant. DPC and other consumer advocates have been pressing for this change for several years. Medicare currently pays for dental services in a limited number of circumstances, such as when that service is an integral part of specific treatment of a beneficiary’s primary medical condition. Some examples include reconstruction of the jaw following accidental injury, tooth extractions done in preparations for radiation treatment for cancer involving the jaw, or oral exams preceding kidney transplantation. CMS is [...]

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