I have kidney failure, and I need dialysis to survive. Dialysis is a treatment which removes excess water and toxins from my blood because my kidneys do not function naturally anymore. It has been a challenge, and my body is still getting used to the frequent treatment which wears down my body.

Dialysis patients already worry enough about their physical condition. They should not have to worry about finances too. Sadly, they do. I was lucky to be retired and have sufficient coverage when I began dialysis, but I know people who struggle to pay. Some have private insurance, but insurers will eliminate patients’ coverage because insurers don’t want dialysis patients affecting their bottom line. That is unacceptable.

Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-FL) can help. If he supports the Restore Protections for Dialysis Patients Act, he can help ensure that new dialysis patients can keep their private insurance if they choose. That way, patients won’t have to jump through impossible hoops during an already stressful time.

Jose Roca, Bradenton, Florida