DPC is excited to announce the beginning of a new program to further engage kidney disease patients through education and advocacy. For the first time ever, DPC is hosting four regional meetings in sites around the country to bring dialysis patients together to engage on issues important to their care and well-being. The inaugural locations for these regional meetings are as follows: Detroit, Michigan; Seattle, Washington; Houston, Texas and New York, New York.

We have partnered with the American Psychological Association to provide an informative and engaging session on the importance of having good mental health as a kidney disease patient.  Additionally, we will partner with local dialysis providers to present a session on treatment options, and DPC staff will present on advocacy strategies and the importance of becoming involved in issues that can affect kidney patients’ quality of care.

The first meeting is set to take place the afternoon of Sunday September 14th, at One Ford Placein Detroit, Michigan. Greenfield Health Systems, will be presenting the treatment options session utilizing their outstanding education resources. Additionally, we are honored to have Congressman John Conyers Jr.  give remarks during the advocacy training. If you are interested in attending our first meeting in Detroit, please call our toll free number to RSVP or do so online by September 8, 2014.

All four meetings will be free and open to all kidney disease patients and their families. The other locations are scheduled for November 8th (Seattle, in collaboration with Northwest Kidney Centers), December 7th (Houston) and Early Spring (New York, exact date to be determined). This is a great opportunity for patients and their families to network while engaging with local health professionals about improving their quality of life.