Dialysis patients often open the mail to find thousands of dollars worth of medical bills they can’t afford. Without the proper insurance, affording dialysis treatment is all but impossible.

I began dialysis back in college, so at the time, I took advantage of my mother’s private insurance to cover costs. However, I was kicked off of my mother’s insurance at 26 years old without yet qualifying for Medicare. Suddenly losing private insurance caused significant stress and anxiety in my life, and I know patients who want to quit dialysis because of financial stress.

Therefore, I am particularly concerned with a recent Supreme Court decision allowing private insurers to all but deny complete coverage to new dialysis patients before they qualify for Medicare.

Thankfully, Congress has the power to protect new dialysis patients by guaranteeing full private coverage for 30 months, as was the legal standard for years. I urge Congress to pass legislation giving dialysis patients the choice to keep their private plans in the beginning. It will save millions of Americans from the pain of bankruptcy by medical bills!

Leigh-Ann Williams, Marrero, Louisiana