With the gridlock in Congress reaching new heights, it is more important now than ever for dialysis patients to have a strong voice in policymaking. DPC is well-equipped to serve as that voice since it is a patient-led organization (the Board of Directors consists entirely of patients).  Joining DPC means you are serious about improving the quality of care for dialysis patients, and sends a signal to legislators that this will be on the top of your mind when you go to the ballot box in November. They know that if they pass legislation favorable to patients, they will be more likely to get their votes (on which their job depends), and vice versa.  Beyond election season, more DPC members also mean more credibility for the Board of Directors and Patient Ambassadors when they lobby their legislators on dialysis issues.

Membership is free, so encourage other dialysis patients, pre-dialysis patients, patient family members, and caregivers all to join DPC! You can sign up for membership here: https://dialysispatients.org/get-involved/membership-options

Of course, membership and voting numbers are not enough in themselves. Once elections are held, patients must hold legislators accountable to the promises they made in election season. Within DPC, Patient Ambassadors are the ones holding legislators accountable. DPC provides all the training, tools, materials, and support Patient Ambassadors need to:

  • Build a relationship with their legislators
    • Contact their members’ of Congress Washington offices
    • Respond to DPC Action Alerts and distribute them to other patients and families
    • Invite their members of Congress and/or district staff to visit their dialysis facilities
  • Educate fellow patients and members of their community
    • Distribute articles and other educational materials to the patients in their clinic and be prepared to answer non-medical questions
    • Educate their community on kidney disease
  • Recruit new DPC members and mobilize patients to advocate for their care
    • Encourage other patients in their facility and community to join DPC
    • Recruit new Patient Ambassadors
    • Potentially visit Washington, D.C. for Washington D.C. Advocacy Days (all expenses covered by DPC)

Patient Ambassadors also receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition as a leader in their community
  • Potential visits to their state house to participate in State Advocacy Days (all expenses covered by DPC)
  • Monthly educational and strategy conference calls, including
    • Insider’s reports on political and legislative developments in our nation’s capital
    • Opportunities to share best practices with fellow Ambassadors

Sign up to be a Patient Ambassador today!: https://dialysispatients.org/get-involved/patient-ambassadors