Health Care Quality Measures and Transparency 

Pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by DPC in 2015, we present here a number of research reports from CMS contractors on health care quality measures and transparency.

The link below takes you to a 208-page PDF document produced by CMS in response to the FOIA. Below is a list of the seven reports in the PDF, along with the authoring organization and PDF page numbers at which each individual report begins.

FOIA Request File

Quality Measures Survey 2014

Aeffect p.2

Quality Compare Environmental Scan

KRC Research August 1, 2012 p.16

Use of Digital Media Among Health Care Consumers: Targeted Literature Review

L&M/Mathematica August 5, 2015 p.70

Engaging Consumers in Quality Information: Key Quotations from Focus Group Research on the Prototype

L&M/Mathematica March 31, 2015 p.110

Landing Page Message Development Survey – Final Report

L&M/Mathematica January 6, 2014 p.116

Engaging Consumers with Quality Information: Consumer Reactions to a Quality Tools Landing Page

L&M March 31, 2015 p.161

Topline Findings from Focus Groups around Media Use and Comparison Information

L&M and Mathematica Policy Research Date: Friday, August 28, 2015 p.199