Thanks to the help of many dialysis patients and advocates, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed Senate Bill 1156.

Senate Bill 1156 is one of the many policy issues impacting dialysis patients that DPC worked on this year. In 2018 alone, DPC and its advocates sent over 55,000 emails to lawmakers expressing concerns about the bill. In addition, with the help of local patients, DPC met with over 40 lawmakers in California to speak about the negative impact this bill would have on individuals receiving dialysis treatment.

DPC expresses its sincerest gratitude to the thousands of patients and advocates that worked tirelessly to educate lawmakers about the consequences of this deeply flawed legislation. DPC also thanks Jerry Brown for prioritizing patients’ access to care when vetoing this bill.

With the help of our patients and advocates, we accomplish great things together!

Brown’s Response

In Brown’s letter addressing the bill he said SB 1156 “goes too far” as it would allow health insurance providers to select only the patients they are willing to cover. In addition, Brown requested a solution that “ensures patients’ access to coverage.”

About Senate Bill 1156

If SB 1156 had been enacted into law, many dialysis facilities would have faced potential closure leaving patients scrambling to find new dialysis facilities for their treatment three times a week and potentially travel much farther to receive their life-saving care.