I was devastated when I wound up in the emergency room and found out my kidneys had failed. I was immediately placed on dialysis and began a new way of life. My new reality meant spending many hours per week at my dialysis center receiving life-saving treatments.

Dialysis treatments can be costly. Medicare will only cover up to 80% of the costs, and my options are limited for covering the rest since I’m under 65. I am lucky to have had assistance from the American Kidney Fund to help pay the remainder. However, many patients are not as fortunate and must find a way to pay for the rest themselves.

This is why we need Congress to pass the Jack Reynolds Memorial Medigap Expansion Act and expand access to Medigap coverage to patients under 65. I highly encourage Congressman Paul Gosar to co-sponsor this bill, and for all members of Congress to visit their local dialysis center and understand the struggles faced by kidney patients.

Denise Kimpe, Lake Havasu City, Arizona