Kidney failure touches the lives of millions of Americans. Dialysis and transplants are the only treatments for this life-altering disease.

I have been on dialysis for 10 years, which has been a physical and mental roller coaster.

In the first five years of treatment, I relied on employer-provided insurance.

This private insurance provided comprehensive care, including dental and eye care.

However, I lost that comprehensive coverage when I transitioned to Medicare.

Although I am doing well, it would’ve been tough to start on Medicare at the beginning of my dialysis journey.

Unfortunately, a recent Supreme Court ruling now allows private insurers to push dialysis patients off of their plans before the traditionally covered first 30 months of dialysis.

Imagine paying into an insurance plan your whole working life just to lose coverage when you need it most.

That is why Congress must act to help dialysis patients retain their private coverage if they choose.

Congress can pass legislation to allow dialysis patients to keep their private insurance for those first 30 months of care, ensuring that they have the resources they need during the crucial beginnings of their dialysis journey.

Joyce Ford, Richmond, Texas