Despite the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis, many state legislators recognize the added challenges faced by dialysis patients every day. Some have responded by introducing legislation to increased dialysis patient access to Medigap plans to help patients cover their 20% coinsurance expenses. Others are working to advance legislation to help increase the pool of living kidney donors. DPC would like to recognize some of the patient leaders who are elevating the patient voice by educating state legislators on the importance of these efforts.

DPC Board Members Adrian Miller and Pius Charles Murray are pressing for passage of critical legislation in their respective home states of Washington and New Hampshire. Adrian recently testified before the Washington Senate Health and Long-Term Care Committee, also providing a letter of support for SB 5003, a bill that prevents insurance companies from discriminating against living kidney donors. In New Hampshire, Pius wrote about his challenges as a dialysis patient and the need for increased access to Medigap plans for dialysis patients under the age 65 in supporting SB 124. In addition, DPC Patient Ambassadors Adam Goldstein and Stephanie Shabanowitz, both of whom live in Connecticut, submitted letters of support for HB 6387, a living kidney donor protection bill that was being heard in the Connecticut General Assembly Committee on Insurance and Real Estate.

Several other states have legislation pending. Submitting letters of support and delivering testimony in support of DPC policy initiatives is an excellent way for DPC Patient Ambassadors to help fulfill our mission of improving the quality of life for dialysis patients. If you are interested in participating in our advocacy efforts, click HERE and apply today to become a DPC Patient Ambassador.