DPC has revised the Patient Ambassador program to offer participants a better overall experience.

To give Patient Ambassadors increased flexibility, Ambassadors will now have more of a choice over which actions they take. Prior to 2014, Ambassadors received two suggested actions to take each month. Starting in 2014, Ambassadors will receive many more possible actions to take on a bimonthly basis without any obligation to complete them all. Instead, Ambassadors will earn reward points for each action they take. The greater the time commitment and effort required to complete an action, the greater the reward point value.

The format of the Patient Ambassador calls has also changed. Rather than cover a single issue twice for two months straight, there will only be one policy update call for each two-month period.  During the second month, DPC will hold an Ambassadors Coordinating Together or ACT Call.  These calls will allow Patient Ambassadors to talk to each other about the issues they face as they take action and will also allow them to get feedback from DPC staff on the actions they are working on.

Finally, we are making the program more open to those who are interested. Instead of holding an interview with applicants, applicants will be admitted as long as they meet the qualifications of the Patient Ambassador Program. To learn more about these changes and the Patient Ambassador program in general, click here.