Kidney failure changed my life. I’ve learned a thing or two after spending 18 years on dialysis, receiving a kidney transplant, and spending years as an advocate for my fellow patients.

In the initial 30 months of dialysis, dialysis patients have traditionally had the option to keep their private insurance in order to plan for their inevitable transition to Medicare. Planning proves especially important for patients who may no longer receive employer-provided insurance, since dialysis often prevents people from working.

However, a recent Supreme Court decision may allow private insurers to diminish coverage for dialysis patients in that 30-month window, pushing dialysis patients onto Medicare too early and potentially leaving them with thousands in out-of-pocket costs. I call on Rep. Richard Neal to support the Restore Protections for Dialysis Patients Act, which would ensure dialysis patients maintain stable, reliable coverage in the early days.

Cheri Rodriguez Jones, Holyoke, Massachusetts