I’ve battled kidney disease for over half my life, experiencing one failed kidney transplant and 16 years on dialysis — all before my 30th birthday. Fortunately, I’m able to receive full coverage for the cost of the treatments and medications I need to fight my kidney disease. However, I know there are other patients out there who can’t say the same thing.

Many dialysis patients struggle to afford the basic care they need since Medicare doesn’t always cover the cost of the treatments and medications needed to fight kidney disease for patients who are under the age of 65. Luckily, Congress is considering a bipartisan bill right now, the Jack Reynolds Memorial Medigap Expansion Act, which would provide relief to kidney patients in need by making Medigap plans available to them, meaning they can get the full coverage for the care they need.

I know there are other young people out there suffering from kidney disease who aren’t able to receive the coverage for the life-saving medications and treatments they need. That’s why we need U.S. Rep. Anthony Brown, who’s been a strong advocate for kidney patients, to work with our elected leaders in Washington to pass this bill.

Brandon Gray, Temple Hills, Maryland