Kidney disease is a life-changing diagnosis for patients and their families. I experienced it first-hand as my husband went through dialysis and a kidney transplant, and I continue to see it every day working with kidney patients who are facing issues with treatments and cost.

One of the most heartbreaking realities I see working with patients is that many are held back because they can’t get affordable coverage for the treatments they need to stay alive, since Medicare only covers part of the cost. That’s why we need Congress to pass the Jack Reynolds Memorial Medigap Expansion Act. The bill would make Medigap plans that cover the portion of dialysis treatments not covered by Medicare more accessible to patients, meaning they wouldn’t have to pay those costs out of pocket.

I recently had the chance to speak with Congressman Scott Perry about this issue, and was excited that he personally took the time to speak with people who have been touched by kidney disease and learn about our experiences. Now, I sincerely hope he and our other members of Congress will co-sponsor this bill for the good of patients across the nation.

Lynne Wright, Mechanicsburg, PA