Since she was just three days old, my daughter has struggled with kidney failure. After over 30 years and three transplants, it’s become clear that more needs to be done to help kidney patients.

Care coordination in particular needs a lot of attention. Without effective communication between doctors, things get harder for patients, and they can suffer serious health problems as a result.

We’ve experienced this in my daughter’s care from the beginning. Medications and doses occasionally got mixed up when she was a baby, and recently a miscommunication between her doctors meant she was diagnosed with 40mg of one of her medications instead of 5mg.

That’s why dialysis patients across the country are counting on Congress to support a fix. The BETTER Kidney Care Act, which Congress is working on right now, would be a major step in the right direction by making it easier for a dialysis patient’s doctors to coordinate effectively and make sure everything they’re doing is what the patient needs.

A lack of coordination in a kidney patient’s care can cause devastating and heartbreaking mistakes. Our new representative, Tom Tiffany, can start his tenure in Congress right by working to support this bill.

Pam Resch