Medicare Open Enrollment began October 15 — and will remain open through December 7, 2022. Medicare’s Open Enrollment period gives people with Medicare the opportunity to make changes to their health plan or prescription drug plan, pick a Medicare Advantage plan, or return to Original Medicare (also referred to as Medicare Part A and Part B). Medicare plans can change their offerings and costs every year, and individuals’ health needs can change from year-to-year, too. Now is the time for people with Medicare to review their coverage options and make a choice that best meets their health care needs.

The open enrollment period for Affordable Care Act (ACA) – also called Obama Care – health insurance plans begin November 1. This is an excellent time to review the benefits of your insurance coverage and make sure that your insurance company, including if you are covered by your state Medicaid program, has your current personal contact information.

Talk with the financial counselor at your dialysis center about your current insurance coverage and assistance with making sure your insurance carriers have your current mailing address, e-mail address and primary phone number.