Kidney disease is a life-changing diagnosis. Since I went into renal failure, I’ve believed that patients should only have to worry about the care they need to get well, not the high costs that come with it. Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality I’ve encountered, given my insurance and Medicare don’t cover the full costs of the life-saving treatments and medications I need to fight my kidney disease.

Thankfully, Congress is considering a bill that would help kidney disease patients like me. The Jack Reynolds Memorial Medigap Expansion Act would open Medigap coverage to patients under 65, so that we can get full coverage for the treatments and medications we need, even if Medicare doesn’t cover the cost on its own.

Since I received my kidney disease diagnosis, I’ve had to stress about affording groceries and medications, and I’ve even worried about whether I can pay for both my treatments and the bus fare just to get to the dialysis clinic. This shouldn’t be how healthcare works, which is why I’m calling on our elected leaders in Washington, like Congressman Kevin Brady, to support this crucial bill.

Tannie Hill, Huntsville, Texas