While Congress was in recess during the month of August, DPC Patient Ambassadors used this opportunity to engage their legislators at home. Patient Ambassadors attended meetings with congressional staff, hosted facility tours and wrote letters to the editor in support of The Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act (H.R. 1130, S. 598). Facility tours and meetings took place all across the country.

Specifically, Bob L. from Oregon, Kathy S. from Ohio, Jim M. from Indiana and Arthur G. from Pennsylvania hosted their legislators at dialysis facilities and shared their stories to encourage support of the kidney bill. Additionally, Charlie W. from Connecticut used the August recess as an opportunity to thank Rep. Esty for her support of the bill through a letter to the editor in his local paper. We’d like to thank our Patient Ambassadors for going the extra mile while their legislators were in district to support kidney disease patients across the country. If these types of activities sound interesting to you, learn more about the Patient Ambassador program by clicking here.