Last year, I wrote to you about my journey as a kidney patient after my diagnosis in 2017 and I’m writing to you again to call on Congresswoman Stephanie Bice to protect kidney patients like me.

Recently, a ruling the U.S. Supreme Court made weakens protections for dialysis patients by allowing private insurance to lessen coverage and force patients onto Medicare before the traditional 30-month grace period. The problem is Medicare only covers 80% of a dialysis patient’s bill, including mine. Luckily, I’m able to continue working, but I have to fight tooth-and-nail to pay my bills.

Although I can make ends meet, not everyone can. That’s why it’s important that we help protect health insurance coverage for dialysis patients so they can pay for the treatment they need to survive. Lessening the financial burden will keep more patients active and high-spirited, which I believe improves outcomes.

Congresswoman Bice can protect patients like me and support the Restore Protections for Dialysis Patients Act, which would clarify the current ambiguity in the law and secure private dialysis coverage for the whole 30-month grace period.

Darren Lyons, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma