I know we can count on Congressman Carlos Giménez to support this important legislation.

I’ve dealt with health issues my entire life. I was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), which has caused me to have multiple organ transplant surgeries and receive life-saving dialysis treatments. And, in addition to a successful liver transplant, I’ve had two kidney transplants that my body rejected, and I am now on a waitlist to receive a third kidney.

In between these surgeries, I receive dialysis treatment, allowing my body to function properly and live my life. On top of the dreaded feeling of high patient volume at my treatment center, I also worry about the financial costs that come with dialysis. I’m lucky that Medicare covers my costs, but many are not as lucky, adding another burden for many patients.

Thankfully, Congress has a way they can help. There is a bill called the Jack Reynolds Memorial Medigap Expansion Act that expands Medicare coverage to those under 65 to cover the total cost of dialysis.

This bill would drastically change kidney patients’ lives, and I know we can count on Congressman Carlos Giménez to support this important legislation.

Yessenia Gutierrez, Miami, FL