Dialysis Funding

With 82% of dialysis patients relying on Medicare, and nearly half of those patients also on Medicaid, the importance of adequate government funding for this life sustaining care cannot be overstated.  In the meantime, Medicare now pays a single “bundled” rate for most dialysis services, including: dialysis center staff, dialysis machines, filters, injectable medications and soon, oral-only medications.  As a result, any arbitrary cut can have a devastating impact on the quality of care patients receive, staffing at their facilities or even the ability of facilities to keep their doors open.  DPC continues to be a strong advocate for Medicare (and all other payers) to cover the full cost of dialysis care.  

Our Work:

September 17, 2019, Comment Letter: DPC Comments on CMS Proposed ESRD Annual Payment Rule to Improve Dialysis Patient Quality of Life

May 30, 2017, Dialysis Patient Advocates Urge Congress to Improve Kidney Disease Research and Care

August 28, 2014, Comment Letter: DPC Comments on 2015 Prospective Payment System and QIP

April 4, 2014, DPC Signs on to Letter Supporting Increased NIDDK Kidney Research Funding

August 30, 2013, Comment Letter: DPC Comments on the Proposed 9.4 Percent Cut to the Medicare ESRD Program

June 1, 2013, Comment Letter: DPC Thanks CMS for Reducing Transition Adjuster to Zero

April 15, 2013, Comment Letter: DPC Urges CMS that Payment Ajdustments to ERSD Does not Jeopardize Life Saving Dialysis Treatments for Those With ESRD

February 25, 2013, Comment Letter: DPC Comments on CMS Rebasing Process

February 2, 2013, Comment Letter: Patient Advocacy Groups Provide input and Guidance Regarding Medicare Policy and ESA’s

August 31, 2012, Comment Letter: DPC Comments on the Proposed Rule for Medicare Program PPS/QIP

May 30, 2012, Comment Letter: DPC Expresses Concern Over Georgia Payment Reductions

Fact Sheets:


DPC Urges Stable and Adequate Reimbursement for Dialysis Payment Policy
DPC Urges Congress to Reverse Cuts
DPC Urges Congress to Create an Exemption for Dialysis Patients in Sequestration for Medicare Services.
California Assembly Bill 290 1-Pager


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Urge Your California Legislators to Protect Dialysis Funding!


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