The Patient's Voice: Guest Blogger

By Meshia A., Guest Blogger and Patient Ambassador
March 11, 2013

Hello DPC Family! I hope this message finds you all well. World Kidney Days is quickly approaching, how will you help spread the word about kidney disease and educate others? I plan to share my experiences and speak to others about the fear of organ rejection on a webinar and also create additional awareness within my church. In this month’s post I would like to share some of my experiences as a kidney patient speaking with others about the disease.

By Kevin D., Guest Blogger
May 7, 2013

Hi Voice readers my name is Kevin Dent and I am going to be a new guest blogger!

I was born in New Orleans, LA on August 9, 1960. I have been married for over 25 years and I have three lovely children. I moved to Kansas City in 2005 because of hurricane Katrina. Last year in February 2012, I suffered a heart attack and flat lined at the hospital. During the same time period I also was diagnosed with kidney failure, and I spent seven months in-center for dialysis treatment.

By Dr. Ronald V., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health

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