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Welcome to DPC's blog where you have the ability to share your thoughts and interact with others from the kidney community and beyond. It is a place of genuine connection as well as advocacy and support. Your voice and your stories are more powerful than any statistic or study.
By Tony B., Director of Research and Information
September 11, 2012

Hi my name is Tony and I am the Director of Research and Information at DPC. On a monthly basis, I will use this space to share new educational opportunities created by DPC and our partners, answer questions submitted through email, Facebook or the comments section below or just to share a quick educational tip.

By Stephen C., Administrative Assistant
September 21, 2012

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying the Patient’s Voice Blog so far. We all worked really hard on our posts and I think they turned out great. (Don’t they inspire you to submit your own blog post?) Again, I’m Stephen Campbell, the administrative assistant for DPC, and I’ll be using my posts as a way to talk about my personal experience with dialysis as well as a way to answer some frequently asked questions I get here at the office.

By Tony B. Director of Research and Information
September 24, 2012

Hi, Voice readers! I hope that you are all enjoying the blog posts and the feedback so far has been wonderful. This month I wanted to tackle a classic dish that normally isn’t very renal friendly and make it something that you can enjoy year round, guilt free. Tacos are considered bad for a renal diet because of high potassium from salsa and tomatoes, phosphorous from dairy and beans and sodium from the seasoning packets and fat from ground beef.

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