Dash of Sage: World Kidney Day is Rapidly Approaching

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By Sage B., Grassroots Manager This week I am working on World Kidney Day (WKD) materials to help people organize events, contact their lawmakers and educate the public on issues that dialysis patients face. And it reminds me of an old story from my former life as a domestic violence advocate: In the 1970’s the domestic abuse movement was basically made up of private citizens who were willing to open their homes to victims of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, aside from these very brave individuals, domestic abuse was still seen as a private matter, and lawmakers weren’t about to address it. So [...]

Inside the Intern’s Mind: Introduction

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Megan Sturman By Megan S., Education Intern Hello everyone! My name is Megan Sturman, and I am excited to announce that I am the new education intern here at The DPC Education Center (The Center)! I grew up in Waldorf, MD., a small city just outside of Washington, D.C. I will be graduating this May, from Salisbury University earning my B.S. in Public Health with a minor in Sociology. One of the reasons I decided to pursue a degree in public health was because I am passionate about the health of others. So far it has been the [...]

From the Welcome Desk at DPC: January Edition

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By Stephen C., Policy Assistant Hello all! This week, I wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity that I can help you out with. As you hopefully already know, World Kidney Day is coming up on March 14th. You might ask, “What is World Kidney Day?” To give you the general idea, here is its stated mission: “The mission of World Kidney Day is to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide.” Obviously, this is something right up [...]

Dialysis Patient Citizens Announces Our New Sister Organization The DPC Education Center

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By Tony B., Director of Research and Information Today we are excited to announce the creation of a new sister organization The DPC Education Center (The Center). The new organization, which is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, will work together with DPC to advance their shared mission of improving the quality of life of all kidney disease and end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. The Center is dedicated to improving kidney patients’ quality of life and reducing the occurrence of ESRD through education and by developing awareness of dialysis and kidney disease issues, improving the partnership between patients and caregivers and [...]

Dash of Sage: Resolutions

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By Sage B., Grassroots Manager Welcome to the New Year! I’m excited to say that my sneakers are no longer decorative objects in my closet. Instead, they are decorating my entry hall- hmmm enough about me! My other resolution is to ensure that Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) remains responsive to its members. And on that front, I’m making a bit more headway. As you may know, one of DPC’s core programs is the Patient Ambassador program. In this program DPC provides support to Ambassadors as they advocate for dialysis patients and their families and educate the public. They build relationships with [...]

Congressional Corner: Over the Cliff – Then Quickly Back Up Again

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By Carrie L., Director of Congressional and State Relations Well, we went over the fiscal cliff. And then, just hours later a deal was struck, a few hours late but a deal to bring us back from the brink nonetheless. The 112th Congress concluded its tumultuous, and gridlocked 2 years by passing a deal to avoid massive tax hikes for the middle class and a 27% decrease in payments to Medicare providers on New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, cuts to the Medicare ESRD program were still included in the fiscal cliff package. The deal calls on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid [...]

Seasons Greetings

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If you are reading this, we all survived the Mayan apocalypse or you had a well-stocked shelter with built in internet access. Either way, all of us here at DPC and with the Patient’s Voice want to wish you happy holidays. Our office will be closed until January 2nd, and new posts (hopefully sent in by Voice readers) will resume shortly after.

Dash of Sage: Introduction

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An icebreaker activity at the recent board meeting. Can you tell what it is? By Sage B., Grassroots Manager Hi Voice readers! My name is Sage and I recently joined DPC as the Grassroots Manager, which means that I will work with many of you personally to influence state and national kidney disease policies. Each month I will keep you up to date on what we are doing at the local level and share inspiring stories of our patients in action. Thank you for joining me here today, and I hope to see you again next month! Coming to [...]

From the Welcome Desk at DPC: November

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By Stephen C., Administrative Assistant Hello all! I hope everyone’s doing well and you’re all ready for a wonderful (renal-friendly) holiday season. This week, I wanted to share my experience visiting the kind folks at ESRD Network 11 in Milwaukee for their annual meeting. I had a great time talking with nurses and patients about everything we do at DPC. I think my favorite moment during the whole event was when a nurse approached our table and asked me if we were doing anything about immunosuppressant drug coverage for transplant patients. She explained that the lack of immunosuppressant coverage was causing [...]

Changes are Coming to Kidney Transplant Allocation Policies

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By Jessica N., Director of Public Affairs When DPC weighs in on policy proposals, we aim to speak on behalf of the people that we represent. This means that periodically we look to all of you to let us know how you feel about certain changes and how you think they will affect your care…and this is one of those times. Recently, the Organ Procurement Transplant Network (OPTN) and United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) released a proposal to change the way kidney transplants are allocated. The proposal makes several key modifications to current policy that could have an impact [...]

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