Nearly half of all end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients rely on Medicaid coverage. While most of these patients are using this coverage as supplementary insurance to Medicare, there are some patients who do not qualify for Medicare. In these instances patients may need to rely on Medicaid only to cover their dialysis treatments. Additionally, some patients rely on Medicaid coverage during the 90 day period before Medicare can take effect. This coverage is critical for many ESRD patients across the nation. DPC's mission is to improve dialysis patient quality of life, and that means advocating for adequate funding to ensure quality care. As a result, DPC is an active force when Medicaid funding is threatened at the state level.

Our Work:

September, 2015: DPC Assists Grassroots Efforts to Secure Level Medicaid Funding in Alabama

May 26, 2015: Patients Protest Medicaid Cuts in Springfield, Illinois

February 27, 2015, Comment Letter: DPC Urges Arizona to Maintain Medicaid Reimbursement for Dialysis

January 10, 2014, Comment Letter: DPC Thanks California for Reinstating Nutritional Supplement Coverage

February 21, 2013: Comment Letter: DPC Highlights CMS Proposed Rule Including Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Programs 

July 10, 2012: DPC Advocates for Oral Nutritional Supplement Coverage in New York

July 10, 2012: DPC Encourages New York State Office of Health Insurance Plans to Reinstate Coverage of Oral Nutritional Supplements

January 27, 2012, Comment Letter: DPC Urges Medicaid to Cover Nutritional Supplements for Dialysis Patients

November 2, 2011: DPC Opposes Proposed Rule to Limit Medicaid Coverage of Nutritional Supplements

October 11, 2011 DPC Comments on Restrictions to New York Medicaid Coverage of Enteral Nutritional Supplements



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Take Action:

There is no current legislation on this issue. Please visit the Legislative Action Center to take action on other issues related to ESRD care.








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